Etch Ambassadors

Hi friends!

For the past year, we have been cultivating a sweet group of friends on Facebook called EtchLife Ambassadors.  This group is near + dear to our hearts because it has become a sweet community — encouraging each other plus sharing life + truth + Jesus!  Joining this group is another way to be a part of our community!  We would LOVE for you to head over there + join us!


  • Share about EtchLife with your friends, family + community...and in doing so, be an ambassador for Jesus!  You'll be partnering with us in this gospel mission that we feel God has called us to, and in turn, we will put tools, and language, and gifts in your hands to help you give God away with us!
  • Ambassadors get EARLY ACCESS to collections before they launch PLUS a 20% DISCOUNT to use on the new items.
  • We have LIVE SALES and boy, are they fun! From samples to slightly bruised to special discounts, we offer so many things during these sales!!
  • Be a part of a community of women who are excited to share in this journey though life with Jesus.  We've already been loving the more personal interactions we can have with the women who are connected here.

To join our team, simply fill out the short application below, and then join our Facebook Group, Etch.Life Ambassadors!