Our Mission

Helping you blend your faith into your  everyday life.

Core Values

We are followers of Jesus Christ, Christians.  We are not perfect, we recognize the need to be in fellowship with one another.  We have a passionate faith with strong convictions that our personal faith is something to be shared.

We all experience the brokenness of the world we live in, in a variety of ways.  Our desire is to equip you to live your life extraordinarily for Christ.  We are willing to ask questions, to wrestle with difficult issues, and our hope is to give voice to those among us seeking answers, and to do so with grace, compassion and a love for Christ.

We also believe in encouraging you to live your life engaging Christ in a personal faith.  We seek to provide you with the boldness and encouragement to live your life with Christ without reservation.  We value well-informed and passionate preaching, worship that integrates truth, praise, and prayer, and small groups where people can truly connect to each other as the body of Christ and grow in faith.

Etch values community- we believe we are not meant to live our lives in isolation.  We seek to elevate each other to live our lives with Christ at home, work and in our social circles.  We have open hearts and welcome anyone interested in learning more about Jesus Christ and faith in Him.

It is our desire to honor God through our work and our business for it is all God's and it is all for His glory. To that end, we will do God’s work with the qualities we most value: integrity, grace, excellence, relevance, authenticity, passion, humility, faith, transparency, commitment, joy, love and open hearts.