Our Story

As followers of Christ, we are called to go . . . to share . . . to bring glory to His name, and to make disciples. This is central in the story behind Etch Life.  But, honestly, it's hard. Our culture has taught us to compartmentalize, to schedule our days and to finish one thing before moving on to the next. This mindset has bled into how we live with Christ and how we share Him in our lives. 

We are good at scheduling a chunk of time for Him in our week; and then, with good intentions, we set out to live for Him, but often leave Him out. So, how do we practically cancel out a mindset of compartmentalization? This was the very question that we wrestled through and that lead us to the birth of Etch Life.

Etch Life was founded on Proverbs 7:3: "My teaching is as precious as your eyesight—guard it! Write it out on the back of your hands; ETCH it on the chambers of your heart."

We want to blend our faith into all areas of our lives and, to do this well, we are called to know His Word and His teachings.  With that charge, Etch Life began with the mission to equip, encourage, and elevate others to live with Christ.  Our heart is to design and create beautiful products that functionally integrate Scripture and Christ’s teachings into our everyday lives. From apparel and home decor to teaching and encouragement tools, thoughtful and unique gifts, and more, we hope our products can play a beautiful part in keeping your daily focus Christ-centered.

Meet our Team...


With years of experience in graphic and interior design and photography, Kelsey is passionate about beautiful design and how it reflects the nature and creativity of God. She is passionate that the Lord wants to use creativity to communicate with his people; and, she hopes to use her artistic gifts to be a vessel that God can use to do so.

The Lord began stirring in her heart in the fall of 2014 that she was compartmentalizing her faith from her family’s activities throughout the day. Etch Life was the result of that tension—to create beautifully designed apparel, encouragement and teaching tools, home goods, thoughtful gifts, and more to help people bring Scripture and Christ into every area of their lives.

Kelsey and Tim met while they were both counselors at Kanakuk Kamps, and they now have three children. Kelsey also thrives on inviting people into their home and strives to ensure that love abides.

Carrie met Matt on a mission trip to El Salvador with their college church. During this trip, they were sharing the Gospel with a woman who told them, “Someday you will get married and have lots of babies!” They now have three 🙂. Carrie loves coffee, trying new restaurants and chasing her kids around to all their activities. Her husband is a TV reporter for a local station, which has meant several moves around the country for their family.

After completing her degree in marketing from the University of Missouri, Carrie felt called to college ministry and served in that role for four years. During that time, she became a mom for the first time, so when their family moved to Austin, TX, she took on the role of stay-at-home mom. Because of her entrepreneurial spirit, she started an Etsy shop and an at-home bread business too.

Through the years of raising and discipling her kids, Carrie has seen the need and importance of weaving Scripture and faith into every moment of every day. This is a driving force behind her passion for Etch Life!


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