Did you know?!

We have a lot of new friends around here, so we thought it would be fun to do a little "get to know" 😀

Did you know... 🤷‍♀️

We have been in business for almost five years!  We started EtchLife with a heart to bring encouragement from God's Word into every part of our lives + to put gifts in your hands to help you give God away.

Hear more about it in the video above.

We have a brick + mortar! When we first started EtchLife, we were online only.  A year into it, we found a spot on the square in Downtown Liberty, Mo, to open a brick + mortar.  It was on the second floor, above a yummy Mexican restaurant.  And this past January, we moved just down the street to a cute ground-level spot right between a yummy brunch place + a bakery.  💕  Now you can shop online or at 14W Kansas Street.

We sell wholesale!  We have attended Christian + National markets to meet shop owners from around the country.  God has given us some amazing relationships + it's so fun to think our products are in shops around the country.  Do you have a favorite shop in your city?  Let us know!  We would love to partner with them.  😀 


Our products come from things the Lord is teaching us personally.  Just in the past few months, He has been teaching us what it looks like to Redefine Strong, to be Mindful of Him, and even to encourage the men in our lives with what it looks like to have the Same Mindset as Christ.  These are truths + encouragement that we need throughout our day and we're guessing you're right there with us.  😉

We collaborate to design merch! We work with authors, other businesses, non-profits, and ministries to design custom product for them.  You can even find some of it on our website like the Jennifer Allwood merch collection, Sister Walk in Truth, and the Imperfectly Brave Collection.  Do you have an event or brand that you need merch for?  We would love to help!

We want to help you give God away.  Each of our products is designed to encourage your heart, but also to give you a way to give God away when you give them as gifts.  Which is also why we curated care packages that communicate a biblical truth!  This makes intentional gift-giving that much easier.  Our care packages include candle care packages, coffee mug care packages, Redefining Strong care packagecare packages for new moms + for men!  If there is a care package you would like to see, let us know!  We'll also be releasing more soon, so stay tuned for that!

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