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Can we just say how encouraging you are to us?!  When we launch a new collection, we often relate it to birthing a baby...we have prayed, dreamed, designed, ordered, set it up online, communicated it, and then comes the launch.  By the time we show it to you, we're wondering + hoping + praying that this message speaks to + encourages your heart.  

Since we launched our new Rise + Pray Collection on Friday, so many of you have reached out to us to say how much you love the message, design, and items in this collection.

A customer in the shop this weekend said, "What a timely message to help us refocus on the One who's going to get us through and then to have an intentional reminder of this through these products!"

That was the intent and our hope!

Thanks for all your sweet messages.  Many of you have already snagged yourself something from this collection too!  We're excited for you to have a beautiful reminder to trade your worry for prayer all day long. 💕

This collection is also a great one to send to a friend as a little encouragement.  We were thrilled to collab with SWELLmade Design Studio to make bracelets that are so giftable!  In fact, one of them comes as a set so you can keep one for yourself + give one to a friend to remember to pray for each other.  One of the styles they designed for us is already sold out + on backorder!  (Don't worry, you can go ahead + order one now so you are the first to get one when they are back in stock 😉).

Whichever item you choose to send to a friend, we try to make it super easy.  Select the gift option when adding the item to your cart online, include a personalized note in the section provided, and let us do the rest!  🥰

We still have a lot to share about this collection (including a few more items + a free download!), so keep following along with us on FBInstagram, and in your inbox!  But, for now, we hope you had a restful weekend + here's to the beginning of a new week — praying it's one filled with less worry + more giving it to God. 😉😘🙏

Carrie, Kelsey and Terri

p.s. In case you missed the video explaining our Rise + Pray Collection, we included it here so you can check it out.  It explains why we all need this encouragement + reminder so much.
If you want to know more about the heart behind the collection, read it here.  And shop this collection here.

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