What Sounds Fun to You? | Annie F. Downs

What Sounds Fun to You? | Annie F. Downs

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From dealing with fears, anxiety, and difficult changes in life, bestselling author Annie F. Downs presents the honest wisdom and humor from her bestselling adult With delightful illustrations, interactive elements, and Annie F. Downs as their guide, children will see how fun can be had in every place, at any time. A great way to create special reading time with children, with plenty of opportunities for early readers to practice key sight words.

No one knows how to have fun like kids do. But sometimes, even kids can use some fresh ideas for finding the fun in their lives. Fun is everywhere, and with this charmingly illustrated children's book, Annie F. Downs wants to help children ages 3 to 8 find it!

Can it be found in science experiments, at the farmer's market, or in the kitchen? Yes!

Can it be found on rainy days and starlit nights? You bet!

Can it be found with friends or parents or even annoying little brothers? Of course!

It's no secret that the world has felt a little less fun lately. What Sounds Fun to You? is the perfect book to get kids thinking about how to create their own fun right where they are, right now. And it's the perfect companion for parents who have run out of ideas!